Monday, June 1, 2009

Super Fun Weekend!

Hope everybody had a great weekend. We had an awesome weekend! Let's see...

Friday - Went to the UCLA - MFA Open Studios. It was interesting. There was quite alot of really bad paintings, some over-my-head conceptual art, & a few very impressive sculptors. That's last part is what I was excited about. Wasn't impressed overall, but all of the sculptors were very talented & working on some very ambitious work. So I think I'm going to make an appointment with the Admissions Office & see where it goes from there. Applications are due in December, so I have some time to work on some mega awesome pieces. This means I'm probably going to work less on small affordable felted items & focus on my larger super-awesome sculptures. I'll keep you posted!!

Saturday - Lance took the day off so we could go to the Hawaiian Festival. It was a blast!! We ate crappy & spent too much money, but it was fun! I got a beautiful flowy embroidered shirt, a couple of coconut shell bracelets, & a new Plumeria Plant. I love plumeria flowers (the kind that small leis are made from). We also got to see some amazing dancers!! Lance is almost smiling in the picture!! HAHA!!
hawaiian fest 1hawaiian fest 2

Sunday - Finished some Felted Balls that I've been working on. Made these for a girlfriend who I've know since Kindergarten. I couldn't make it to her baby shower, & she asked me to make her some felted balls for baby, so I made these. I know she probably wanted just some plain felt balls with a couple jingle bells in them, but it's me, I can't make plain felted balls! I had to put some design, color theory, & texture into them. Hopefully she will love them!!!
felt ball 2felt ball 1

Today - Well tomorrow is my Birthday, then I'm leaving on vacation to visit my family in Dallas for a couple weeks on Wednesday, so today we are going to go run some errands & get my IPHONE!!! Yea! I'm excited!! Busy, Busy.....

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