Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today is my birthday...
na na na na na na...
It's my birthday too, yea.....

Yea! This is my final blog post before I head down to Dallas to visit my family for a couple of weeks! I'm going to put my shop in "Vacation Mode" while I'm gone, but I have written some future blog posts for while I'm gone. That way you won't forget about me while I'm MIA.

I also might post a couple of blog posts via my new iPhone!! I haven't tried it yet, but it is completely possible, so can't wait! I love my new iPhone! I checked my email this morning & email my aunt back! CRAZY! I'm such a geek, I'm all like "how did I ever get alng with out this!" I can also Twitter, & Facebook, & check my shop, it's insane! Anywho, I'm just really excited! I love Lance, he is the best ever! THANX BABY!!

So gotta go get the house all in order, buy cat food, & pack for my trip. Then maybe we will stuff ourselves silly at Soup Plantation! (All you can eat salad & soup place!)

Here are a couple of pictures of me as a kid! I was pretty cute, whatever happened?!?!? Hope everybody has a great couple of weeks! And I'll be back to making & posting & twittering & etc, soon enough!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Have a great trip!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Real cutie as a kid :) Have a great time in Texas and keep cool I could not even think about a Texas trip this time of year. YICKS the heat would melt me.