Monday, May 4, 2009

My Day Job

I don't have much to talk about Crafty wise. I did finish my latest critter, but still have to take pictures & I'm hoping to get some new cupcakes done in the next couple days. So I thought I would share a little bit about what I do when I'm not being a Crafty Entrepreneur.

My day job is pretty awesome. I'm what you would call a Scenic Sculptor. I basically sculpt polystyrene foam (commonly known as Bead Foam, or styrofoam). I have worked on a lot of different projects here in Los Angeles from local Libraries, Disneyland Rides, Commercials, and Movie Sets. I finally made it into the Local Union 755 which means that I am able to work on Feature Films. I've only worked on one so far - Land Of The Lost starring Will Ferrel coming out on June 5.

Here is a Billboard on Highland in the heart of Hollywood!!!
And yes, most of the billboards around my house are movie advertisements!!

A quick description of what I do at work is: I get blueprints for props & background elements of a set, block out and glue the basic shape of the object in rectangular blocks of styrofoam, then carve into the foam with saws, hotwires, wire brushes, acetone, knives, or whatever will take away the extra material. We are experts at making rocks & stone & trees & generic scenic elements, but sometimes we get to work on more detailed things like building trim, figures, animals, & characters.

Here are some pictures of me working on some roots & stone heads...

It's a dirty job... but somebody's gotta do it!!

I have done some painting in the past, but as of now I only sculpt. We finish off our pieces & pass them on to the paint department, who are experts at faux finishing the surfaces with different techniques like granite, marble, wood grain, or cement.

Here are a couple of pictures of some nearly finished pieces, after they have been painted (except the elephant head)...

Sometimes I also work with fiberglass, sculptable epoxy, & polyurethane foam (like flower foam, but denser).

My job is considered a "construction" job. I work with mostly men, but there are a couple of us girls that stick together, and there are alot of carpenters & welders. I consider it a "blue collar" job, because I shower after I get home from work rather than before I go!

Work has been really slow (a combination of the economy & Actor's - SAG - contract negotiations). But it does seem to be looking up. There are some productions starting up, so hopefully I can get a couple small jobs to help with my dwindling bank account.

Crafting is fun, but as of right now, it just doesn't pay the bills!!


  1. What a cool job! I hope you get lots of work. BTW, they filmed Land of the Lost around where I live.

  2. Cool job Chrissy! I loved Land of the Lost as a show it was beyond ridiculous! I still call people sleestaks as an insult. And I still want my own Cha-Ka to be friends with.
    I have sculpted bead foam too! LMAO I made my own headstones for Halloween can you get me a job??
    I hope you get a ton of work we need to get the movie making back to So. Cal. Good Luck! And maybe soon crafting will pay some bills.

  3. Both of the pictures of me working are of Sleestak-related parts of the movie. The right picture is actually a giant Sleestak head. Hopefully work will be picking up soon!