Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally a Day Off!!!

Yesterday Lance finally got a day off!! He's been working 3 weeks straight, I think he was on 21 days. Because he works everyday, I then in turn feel the need to work my butt off everyday, too. The days have kinda blurred together & I was feeling really run down, unmotivated.

BUT - we slept in, got to go out to the the Diner for lunch, ran some errands, napped, & watched a movie. Wasn't horribly exciting, but was nice & relaxing. If he gets a day off next week, we are TOTALLY going to see the new Star Trek movie!!! I've never been a huge Star Trek fan, but the new movie looks AWESOME!!!

So feeling a bit more un-crappy today, hopefully I will get some crafty stuff finished & photo'd today so that I'll actually have some new items to post & share. I do have a couple of pictures of some newer things that I've been putting in my sold packages. I love reading crafty-business-advice blogs & they always talk about "Creative Branding" & promotional things to put in your packages. Along with a handwritten Thank You note & some business cards, I put a couple of these in...

These are some cute Origami Chickens that I've made to put into my packages. Origami is pretty fun & I'll make a few of these when I'm sitting on the couch & not wanting to sculpt. I wrote "Thank You!" on one side & "FeltedChicken" on the other!


  1. Chrissy I love the chickens! Do you think I could fold little Lauras?
    My son informed me that we are going to go see Star Wars as a family. i acted like I was not in to it but I am so into it. That movie looks real good. I want to see the new terminator and I need to see Wolverine real bad. Hugh is so freaking hot in that movie.
    Days spent doing not much with your hunny are some of the best days ever! I want one of those days it has been to long. Maybe a drive down to Ocenside to walk on the beach or up to Big Bear.

  2. There are so many movies coming out this summer!!! Pretty much one a week from now through June! And we love to go up to Big Bear, in the winter! I miss winter & snow, so it's the closest thing to winter fun we have! Plus we get to come back to the 70˚ weather in the same day!