Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I know it's technically a day late, but I hope everybody had a great Mother's Day. I didn't get around to making anything, so I sent flowers to both Mine & Lance's mom. They were both plants so, so hopefully they can bring some happiness long after blooms would have wilted.

So today I just wanted to feature a couple of pictures of our Mom's.
We Love You!!

Me & my mom in Las Vegas.

Lance & his Mom from New Years.
*Good thing Lance never reads my blog, he would be pissed that I posted a picture of him! HAHAHAHAHA!!! That'll teach him!!


We also saw Star Trek.... um... awesome. I am such an Uber Geek - I find myself watching Discovery & History Channel Documentaries in my spare time, and I keep up with the Science News daily. BTW - today they are launching the Space Shuttle to give the Hubble Telescope a fine tune-up. I actually got most of the Science & Physics mumbo-jumbo in the movie.

ALSO!!!! Don't forget the price of stamps goes up today to 44¢!!!

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