Friday, May 22, 2009

Featuring... Gut-Zilla

This is Gut-Zilla, the lesser known, slightly overweight cousin of the famous Godzilla. Told by his agent to loose a few pounds, he is now on a strict high-protein low-fat diet of run-way models. He has also started an intense exercise program that includes 2 hours of rampaging everyday and training towards a future swim across the Pacific Ocean - from his home in Japan to somewhere in Southern California.

Gut-Zilla - the "Monster Face of the Future"!!! - $100 - ready for a new home in My Etsy Shop!!

Gut-Zilla 7Gut-Zilla 6
Gut-Zilla 4Gut-Zilla 3

Gut-Zilla is 9" tall, 12" long, & 4" wide. He was sculpted out of white wool, and first dyed with a yellowish-green Kool-Aid mix, and then with a mix of blue, green, & orange on top. His teeth are tiny spikes that were covered with fabric glue then super glued into his growling mouth. He has posable limbs that are sewn on with waxed linen thread (to help him rampage).

I will post a How-To on how I dyed him (I used a new & fun tool) in the near future.

Hope he makes you smile & have a great weekend!!!


  1. Love him! Thanks for the info on how you made him. I have not made anything jointed, I keep thinking about it but have not had the inclination yet. Where do you get your wool? I am always looking for good deals on large amounts of white wool.

  2. I've ordered wool from a bunch of the big places online. I'm not a fan of combed top, so I've finally found some batting that I LOVE!!! I order from Halcyon Yarn - - They have some "Felting Fiber" that is Romney. I'm lazy so the wool is pretty coarse & felts fast. The white I order is kinda reasonable with shipping, I know what I like, so I'll pay. It's $6.75 for 4oz, with $6.95 for shipping. So it's about $20 for 1/2lb with shipping. I still have extra colors laying around, but they have some juicy colors in the Romney too! **Search for "Felting Fiber" if you check out the site - it's hard to find.

  3. He's great! What a cutie...uh, I mean, no he's scary, really!?! HEHE

  4. Love those red eyes! His color is great too.