Friday, April 3, 2009

TOFU TACOs?!?!?!

YUMMY!!! I took a shot last night at cooking with tofu for the first time. And I must say, for being a meat alternative, it's pretty darn good. We eat ALOT of meat in my house (steak & potatoes), so going Vegetarian, even for a day or two a week, is pretty scary!!

I'll give you the brief low-down on my pretty tasty Tofu Taco's....

14 oz Extra Firm Tofu - rinsed & crumbled
Taco Seasoning
1 Package of Mexican Style Frozen Veggies
1 can Black Beans
1 cup Salsa
Slices of cooked Sweet Potato
Flour Tortillas

Ok, so I Took the Tofu & mixed in a bunch of Taco seasoning. Then I fried it, kinda like scrambled eggs, till good and hot. Remove Tofu. Add Veggies, beans, Salsa, & more taco seasoning to pan, heat up. Add tofu back in. Mix & cook till nice & hot!

DONE!! This is pretty much how I make regular tacos, but just without ground meat. The tofu ends up being kinda like super cooked, crumbly scrambled eggs. Doesn't taste like soy or weird, tastes like tacos!!

Now I like to add slices of cooked Sweet Potato into my taco. I am such a fan of the highly under-rated Yam. It adds a good nutty, potato flavor. I also added a couple slices of avocado & some cheese, all on a flour tortilla!!! My boyfriend, who basically only eats steak, raw, liked it, so it has to be pretty good!!!

**Also yesterday, I finished & e-filed my taxes (getting a great return!) And went hiking in Griffith park. I've started hiking about once a week. I saw a coyote walking down the road, it was crazy!! He was just walking around, in the middle of Hollywood, AWESOME!

Hope everybody has a great weekend!!

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