Wednesday, April 8, 2009

50 ITEMS!!!

So I finally made my goal of having 50 listed items in my shop (current inventory, not history). This is pretty cool, but sad to say that I am pretty much spent on my product inventory to list. I think I'm gonna have to take a break & restock. But having a holiday weekend coming up, it won't be easy. Lance has off for 5 days, so that isn't much motivation to sit & sew or sculpt all day. So maybe the weekend will be a bust, but then starting next week.... WATCH OUT!!!

So this is what I'm gonna buy with my tax return. We have been very thrifty around my house lately, but I'm getting a really great return, so I thought I'd buy something for myself. This beach cruiser is super cute, and it's also good for me!!!

I need to look into getting a bike rack for my car too, so that Lance & I can actually go cruise on our bikes down at the beach!!!

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