Monday, December 15, 2008


Festive Poinsettia Note Card - from CREATIVEAPPLES on

AHHHHHH!!!! i can't believe that in less than one week we'll be in dallas!! i have so much to do!! well, not really, but i feel that i should be stressed out and running around to fully experience the spirit of the season!

yesterday we checked out another craft fair, UNIQUE LOS ANGELES. it was very nice. there were almost 200 vendors there. i just wish i had money to help support them, but i did buy a couple small things. and checking out shows to see what they are about, & to see if there is any potential to get involved. then we went down to china town & walked around that was a blast! got some soaps to make felty soaps & some of my favorite candy-type dessert, MOCHI!!! yea!!! that's about all i have to post for today, finishing up a couple of things in the next few days, so will have some new pictures to post.

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