Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I miss Vegas & Unemployment....

Do you have a "Day-Job"?

I just wanted to vent a little about how having a Day-Job kinda SUCKS! I love what I do at my job... but I miss vacation... I (surprisingly) miss being unemployed... I think it's the TIME that I miss. I love being on vacation cause it's an excuse to do whatever you want, spend money you really shouldn't, and eat whatever without feeling guilty. Despite the worry I felt when unemployed, I miss the 8-14 hours a day that I could work on my art. Now I get home & have maybe a couple hours to work on stuff. It really was nice to have unlimited time to start & prefect my craft.

It's funny cause I'm trying to work on the Predator Munny to finish it in time to submit it to the KidRobot contest, so I'm working like 3 hours after I get home from my Day-Job. Lance is so nice cause he is willing to go get us Fast-Food cause I'm busy working on it. It's nice, but annoying cause I don't seem to have any time to just chill. I think it's pretty much self-imposed business, but there always seems to be something that I HAVE HAVE HAVE to get finished. I have a craft show in July (which is getting close) that I haven't done much for, so I'm sure that I'll be frantically working on that once the Munny is done.

Sorry for the "pitty-party", but I just am feeling slightly overwhelmed. PLUS - I have the Art Supply store that I work at on the weekends to keep that job going.... ARGGGG!

This is the show I will be selling at in about a month!!!

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  1. Ha! I was just thinking that I'd love to have a steady paycheck. I guess the grass is always greener. Lol Good luck with your predator guy and your craft show. I know when I had a regular 9-5 I never got any art done. I can sympathize with what you're going through.