Monday, May 17, 2010

Airbrush Process!

I haven't posted many process pictures recently except for the Koi, so I thought I'd share some with you today. I was asked a while ago to put together a Airbrushing Process Tutorial for the Dabbled Blog. Nancy was kind enough to have me guest blog with this tutorial!! I haven't posted a tutorial in soooo long, I thought I'd repost it here & give a Shout-Out to Dabbled!!

Airbrushing some Chocolate Frosting!!!

Airbrushing a Cupcake 1

Here are all the supplies you need to help paint & shade your Felted Sculptures!!

*Airbrush, Compressor, & bottles
*Watered down Acrylic Paint
*Yummy Felted Cupcakes!!

Airbrushing a Cupcake 2

This is what the cupcakes look like BEFORE any paint has been sprayed. Just plain white frosting all ready to be transformed into Chocolate!!

Airbrushing a Cupcake 3

I didn't want to get any over-spray of the brown onto the "cake", so I put a little paper & masking tape to cover that part.

First layer of color a warm yellow!!

Airbrushing a Cupcake 4
I like to paint in light layers of many different colors. I think this gives the colors more depth instead of just blasting a single color on to the wool. Also if you get to much acrylic paint onto the wool, it tends to bleed & get a little crunchy.

Airbrushing a Cupcake 5

Slowly getting darker & darker!! Going from the yellow base to a warm brown.

Airbrushing a Cupcake 6
Starting to look like chocolate with the darker brown!! This could pass as a Milk Chocolate, but I want a darker frosting.

Airbrushing a Cupcake 7

Working with the darkest (almost black) brown to add some dark shadows within the twirl.

Airbrushing a Cupcake 8

Yummy Yummy!!! Looking Delicious!! Love the dark shading in the creases!!

Almost done just need....

Airbrushing a Cupcake 9

Cherries On Top!!! Yea! All done!

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  1. Oh my goodness! So cute and the process was fascinating! (Is it time to eat them now? Please?)