Friday, January 22, 2010

The Koi is Coming....

So I just realized that I haven't shared any process picts of the Koi Fish that I've been working on. He's being sculpted as we speak. He's been dyed & is currently getting his pre-paint detail. I decided to make him REALLY Tattoo inspired, so I'm going with the black outlines and detail right now. He will have airbrushed shading, then final detail. I haven't done his face yet, just cause doing all the line detail takes a long time. Hope these picts get you excited about seeing him finished!!! I really like how his scales are turning out!!

And I hope everybody has a GREAT WEEKEND!! We don't have any plans, as of now, but hopefully if it finally stops raining, we can get out of the house!


  1. The scales look great, maybe I will get up the energy to do this on one of my dragons...(they always end up looking more like dinosaurs .)

  2. I left you a Sunshine Award on my blog - thought you could use it with all the rain. :-)

  3. (sorry) I've been lazy this week & am just getting to following up on my blog...

    Thanx Butterscotchgrove!! I post the award today!!

    krex - the line work does take time, but looks awesome, you already do the line work, it's just having the patience to do more!!