Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Koi & Frog all Painted....

So got some basic picts I wanted to share with you guys of the Koi Fish & Frog all airbrushed & ready for their mechanical parts. I still need to go to Home Depot & get the wood for their boxes, but I'll do that today cause I will be out anyways. Hope the rain we are supposed to get holds off till I get back home!!

Koi Fish Painted:

So went with a dramatic Tattoo Look. Right after I painted him, I was iffy about the shading (I tend to have a really heavy hand cause I'm no airbrush expert), but he's growing on me. Now I just need to build the box & mechanical crank parts. I'm gonna go with black for the wood parts, and add the couple cherry blossoms or lotus flowers to accent his tattoo-ness.

Painted Koi 1 Painted Koi 2

Painted Koi 3 Painted Koi 4

Frog Painted:

I'm happy how he turned out with his shading. I was going to add some warty-type details on his back, but am rethinking that. I kind of like his generic look, almost a little more fanciful. He's soft & pretty. I'm probably going to make his box & mechanical parts blue (like water) and maybe have him sitting on a lily pad. Gotta think about it.

Painted Frog 1 Painted Frog 2

Painted Frog 4 Painted Frog 3


  1. Very cool and great detailing on both . I can't wait to see them in operation...a movie on you Utube maybe ?

  2. Definitely, although I will have to practice my video skills. If you saw the pathetic ones I post before, then you'll beg me to practice!! HAHA!!