Sunday, January 10, 2010

(bad) Videos of New Pieces!!

So sorry about how HORRIBLE my video skills are, but hey, I was using one hand & my digital camera not a video camera. But I was so excited that I made these 3 mock-ups of my next pieces, I had to share.

The mock-ups are made with black FoamCore, dowel rods, clothes hanger wire, hot glue, and card-stock. They are pretty crappy, but at least you get an idea of how the pieces are going to work.

*And sorry about the really bad video quality....

This is the Koi Fish model. I think I don't want it to be so wonky, which I can fix with more precise holes for the dowels, but you get the idea!

This skull model isn't as cool as the other 2, but I think it's funny. It was kinda hard to make the mock-ups for 3-d sculptures only using cardstock. I don't think the movement translates as well in 2-d. Like for this one, the jaw will be hinged, then go up & down.

I think the Jumping Frog model came out the best, even though I screwed up the video. I like the movement & hinges in the legs. I think this one will end up great!

Next Step: Felting the sculptures!! I started this today & will have a fun tutorial on how I made part of the Koi Fish that I will post tomorrow!

After-That Step: Making REAL mechanical parts. Have the measurements & idea of how I will make these, but need to make a trip to HomeDepot! Planning on getting these done this next week, along with cleaning the house, cooking good-for-you food, and possibly trying to find a new job... boo on that last point...

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