Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Felted Mama is En Route...

YEA!!! FeltedChicken's Mama is on her way here as we speak! Still gotta finishing cleaning up the house a little bit, & then once Mom gets here, we get to run around town & buy stuff! Also gotta plenty for her and Mr. Chicken to get done in the next couple days! They are both getting put to work the minute she walks in the door.

So much to do...
So little time...

I also wanted to share how AMAZINGLY creative & awesome my customers are! I'm pretty sure that most of my customers are way smarter than me (like that's hard). I've had some custom orders in the past, but yesterday I had a brilliant one!! Someone convo'd me and asked if I had 2 of the SnowFlake (re)GIFT BAGS in stock because they wanted to use them for Hannukah. Instead of wrapping presents for each of the 8 nights, they are going to reuse the (re) GIFT BAGS over and over again!! This is just a perfect use and part of why I started making the bags.

I also had a couple special orders this past October for Custom Order (re)GIFT BAGS to be used as Treat Bags. They wanted bags that would match their kids costumes!! MAN that was something that I never would have thought about, but now I have a great idea for a new item to market for next fall.

So, the moral of the story is... Your customers are WAY MORE BRILLIANT than you. You never know what kind of cool interesting ideas they might come up with. I really like working with people on custom orders, which is why when I just got like 1000 new business cards printed, they say "Custom Orders Welcome"!

HAHAHAHA!!! It's Backwards!!

You get the idea though!!!

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