Friday, November 20, 2009

Day of the Dyed

So spent yesterday dying wool, it was fun, yet hectic. It's great cause now I have all my supplies to finish up pretty much everything that I want to sell at the Unique L.A. Show. There's wool hanging there for fun X-Mas stuff, more sushi, & super awesome Needle-Felting kits that I will be putting together. All the colored wool was dyed with my trusty Kool-Aid method, but I did try my hand at my first Acid Dyed Wool. It was a bit more involved than the Kool-Aid, but the greys & black could only be done that way. One Acid dye bath dyed a TON of wool, so that was cool.

And here is a BRAND NEW PRODUCT that I just listed in my shop! They are sushi shaped refrigerator magnets!! YEA!! They have a little "fake grass" accent & a super-strong ceramic magnet both securely hot glued to the back!! They are now listed in my shop for ONLY $5.00!! I'm still trying my best to stream-line my production to help get my prices a little lower without selling myself short. I've perfected some techniques, so I feel that I can lower my sushi prices a bit!

I have several other things that I got to photograph yesterday, so I might have a special Saturday post with more new products!! Plus I have a few things that I will be finishing up today.

Wish me luck tomorrow, I have a vendor meeting with the Unique L.A. people in the morning. They will have all sorts of helpful info PLUS a special seminar about marketing & selling in the slow economy. Should be fun! They email said "Free Drinks" and I got really excited, cause I'm always up for an open bar...


Then Lance pointed out that the meeting was at 11 AM, so they probably WOULDN'T have an open bar, but just coffee & juice. I'm dumb...

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