Wednesday, January 7, 2009


so since the subjects of my blogs are taking you through a general theme (although you may not realize it right now... and i'm actually stalling because i am not ready to make "the big announcement") i want to introduce everyone to an awesome website


Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade.

Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.

Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice:

Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.

just in case i haven't talked your ear off about, i tell you my pitch. it's pretty much Amazon or Ebay for handmade & vintage stuff. It's an online community of artists to promote their craft. i can spend hours on there looking at the stuff that's for sale. it's oraganized and searchable in many different ways. i like how it promotes buying quality products from people like myself and not giant chain stores that sell stuff made of lead in china!!

man... i would love to have a shop on there one day... *sigh...


i just read an article about how you can vote for the New & Wonders of Nature. kinda cool if you ask me. i'm gonna vote, i'm such a history buff anyways that this stuff is right up my alley. check out the website and vote for your favorite 7. there are over 250 nominees that you can vote for now which include site such as The Grand Canyon, Loch Ness, and Niagra Falls. so go vote!!!

New 7 Wonders of Nature

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