Monday, December 8, 2008


this is a quote from one of my all time favorite movies, Army of Darkness. Part of the Evil Dead series and i suggest you see it if you haven't already. i bring it up because i've been feeling kinda nostalgic recently. maybe because i feel like i'm on a super extended summer break (about to bleed over into an extended winter break). maybe because i'm kinda poor & can't afford to buy people awesome x-mas presents, or because i've been working on my own art so it kinda takes me back to the school days. anyways, i need to come back to today! i was feeling kinda crappy yesterday & you know how it is to get back up to speed (still feeling sluggish)

so in the spirit of nostalia, here is a throw-back to the good ol' (college art) days.

chicken teeth silk screen.

family portrait silk screen.

beach bum chicken silk screen.

detail of chicken study pencil drawing.

i've also been thinking alot about chickens too. if you don't know, back in college, for about 2 years, all of my art had chickens as the subject. FYI... i don't love chickens, i dont want anything with chickens on it, and i dont collect things with chicken on them! but i have been think about a name for my little crafty type business and i've been gravitating towards...


so what do you think? just throwing it out there. it's fun, quirky, cute, catchy, descriptive. i can come up with a funny character mascot. let me know, if you have any suggestions. leave a comment and i'll think about it!

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