Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i'm in the middle of working on a couple of pieces, so i dont have any new pictures of my stuff. instead i thought i would post some pictures and links to some amazing needle felting artists. these people blow me away, and i'm inspired by their expertise.

this is Wooliedales Etc. this is a husband and wife team that work together to promote & sell their needle felting pieces. The husband is the photographer and the wife is the sculptor. there are lots of amazing animals (especially dogs) on their web site. very intricate & detailed.

this an artist named Stephanie Metz. she is more of a "fine artist" rather than "craft artist". i personally don't think there is a difference, except for maybe who your audience is. Stephanie makes her pieces for more display in exhibits. i can connect with this because of my schooling. she has inspired me to look into doing mre conceptual pieces and possibly entering some artist exhibits. who says craft can't be art?

this is tuttobello. more along the crafty line. she makes amazingly real and delicious looking desserts and pastries. more simple stylistically, but equally as talented in the quality of her work.

what really grabs my attention when i look at other artists is attention to detail. there is something that i find so admirable about someone who can capture, i dont know, personality with whatever subject they choose. for me personality is conveyed through details in shape and texture. your subject can be realistic (which can be acheived by irregularity in your detail) or stylize / cartoony (which you can get from over-exagerating features). either way this is what i strive for in my own work.

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